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About Us

Founded in 1978 by brothers Adil, Yavuz and Zeki AKÇAY with the name Serhat Plastics, the company said hello to the Plastics Injection and Plastic Bottles production sector.

Having started Plastic Granules and Raw Materials production in 1984, Serhat Plastics, who expanded it’s experience even further in 1990 with plastic bag manufacturing, also began manufacturing machines parallel to it’s plastics manufacturing. It has fulfilled the needs of it’s operation and the sector through it’s production of Plastic Granule, Plastic Breakdown, and Agromer machines.

After passing on the operations to a second generation in 2000, Serhat Plastics Machines Construction Industry and Trade Limited company was formed. Our company, who considers the year 2000 as a time of breakthrough, first carried our manufacturing department to a new factory in Ikitelli OSB. Relying on a quarter of a century’s experience in investment and services, in 2004 PVC wainscoting and profile manufacturing were added to the general services.

Our company still manufactures Plastic Granules, PVC wainscoting and Profile and manufactures the machines used in it’s own manufacturing operations.

Our goal is, while making no concessions on quality, to combine a quarter of a century’s experience and professionalism and to provide our customers with quality products while maintaining customer satisfaction. In this regard, we are open to any and all thoughts and suggestions of out customers.

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